About us

Our mission is to end financial hardship

Over 50 million Americans are now part of the freelance economy, but despite this shift in our workforce, banks continue to rely on outdated loan practices that do not meet the needs of today’s freelance workers. Without fast access to cash, self-employed workers often find themselves in desperate situations as business expenses, unpaid sick time and unexpected costs can add up.

At Aquifer, we believe there’s a better way - a way that doesn’t involve your credit score, a stack of loan papers or unrealistic fees and deadlines. We see Aquifer as your renewable resource for cash. We are a reservoir of capital from which our customers can draw from, hassle-free. We are replenished by our customer’s success as they pay back into the system, enabling us to continually offer our services for future use and to others who are in need.

Our product does not rely on fees or compounding interest to work, but rather technology to create a more efficient and flexible way to provide for the current economic evolution.


An aquifer is a rock formation beneath the ground where water accumulates as a tappable well, allowing people to quench their thirst whenever they’re in need. This natural concept inspired us to create Aquifer, a renewable resource that offers hard-working people a cash reserve when they’re most in need.

Transparency and honesty

We want to change the way people view cash advances and know the best way to do that is to build a product that’s clear, simple and well-communicated. If you ever have a question or are unsure about something, we’d be happy to walk you through it.


We are an independent company who uses technology to deliver fair and impartial advances to people in need. All of our decisions regarding advances are systematic and 100% objective.


Complicated terms and confusing terminology are overrated, especially when it comes to money and finance. Our products are designed to be as simple and as clear as possible, so there’s never any confusion or misunderstandings.


Aquifer was founded and is led by Jordan Trevino, a programmer and strategist who is passionate about making the world a better place. As a multi-lingual, independent consultant, Jordan has advised Fortune 500 companies on financial strategy and technology throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America. Jordan studied Liberal Arts at Yale University where he grew to love subjects like literature, philosophy and anthropology, fueling his interest in people and passion for problem-solving.

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