Meet Aquifer Advances: Your renewable resource for cash


Innovative personal assessments

We assess your financial capabilities through technology that reviews your work history and current earnings, not your credit score.


One flat fee

We give you credit in exchange for a low flat fee. No principal payment, no interest, no hidden fees. Ever.


Pay only when you get paid

The only time you’ll be charged is when you make money. Repayments happen incrementally, so they feel manageable, not burdensome.

Credit based on your future, not your past

Every advance starts with a free personal assessment

At Aquifer, we care about your current work history and earnings, not your credit score. We use innovative technology to simply and fairly assess your ability to repay an advance and make offers quickly, typically within 24 hours or less.

All advances are fully transparent

We charge a low flat fee and advances are typically repaid within 3 to 6 months. You never pay back more than the amount you agree to and there are no hidden, late or interest fees whatsoever.

Payback is easy and flexible

We understand the challenges of working for yourself, which is why our payment plans are tied to your future earnings, not due dates. Every time you get paid, we’ll take only a small percentage, ensuring your advance never becomes a burden.

We’re invested in your success

You’ll never have to make a payment if you haven’t been paid. If your income is lower than expected, your payments will automatically decrease and your repayment time will extend, without any additional fees.

Your funds are waiting.
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